Golf Fitness



This group training class combines golf fitness training, functional exercise, speed/strength training and power training to supercharge your golf body.

Classes range from 6-12 people and all levels are welcome

This fun and total body workout addresses the major components of golf: agility, balance, strength, power, flexibility, core and endurance

Classes held at Sports Club at Braelinn 


This training is customized to the individual and combines Golf Fitness training, functional exercise and flexibility training.

Assesses the imbalances and dysfunction that is inhibiting biomechanics – meaning we will find out why your game is not improving

golf fitness training


This training program consists of a small group doing a golf-specific circuit workout while benefiting from instruction given in smaller classes.

Classes are made up of 4 people

Training is focused on the core stability, strength and explosiveness needed to create a powerful, repeatable golf swing

Promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility and speed throughout your body

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Junior Golf 365 is the Youth Development Program within The Peachtree City Golf Academy. The philosophy is built upon the concept of a total game experience: full swing, short game, on course instruction, club fitting, fitness and  junior golf development starting at the age of 4.

Ready to improve your golf game?

Our Scorecard

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you! Your golf fitness class is awesome! Since I have always worked out I was, to be honest, a little skeptical. But I had a friend who sang your praises so my wife and I decided to give it a try. BOY ARE WE GLAD WE DID! Read full review
Gary D.
The golf fitness class introduced me, a person with no gym experience, to the fitness center at Braelinn and has gotten me very enthused about getting in shape to help improve my golf game. Read full review
Tom S.
I love how Golf Fitness plus the golf coaching has really put all the pieces together for me. I have greater rotation and flexibility and it is showing on the golf course. I am so pleased!!! Read full review
Marino F.
Shot career best of 67 with 8 birdies at Planterra Ridge Golf Course. I’m consistently in the 70’s and even got a hole in one!! Thanks for having the Golf Fitness classes, I know they are helping me achieve these scores!!!!
Lee B.