Dr. Rowan and Mrs. Cynthia Bronson

Jamie Arion is without a doubt a unique, knowledgeable, powerful, and customer focused trainer! When we first approached Jamie, my wife and I discussed some of the health challenges we currently face such as lower back problems, knee pain, and shoulder issues. Additionally, we shared our desire to tone up our muscles, build strength, improve our cardiovascular system as well as learn how to balance our nutritional intake. We stressed that we wanted to do these things without having to starve ourselves to death or tie ourselves down with some sort of draconian diet plan. Jamie listened actively for the results my wife and I were seeking an exercise/fitness course of training and she asked the right kind of questions. She took into consideration that we are well beyond the “no pain - no gain” stage or the glunk physical brute training resume. And by using her deliberate building-up approach, she helped us overcome the anxieties we had about going into a gym surrounded by youthful bodybuilders and athletes. Jamie made us feel welcomed and she readily answered all of our questions without talking down to us for having asked in the first place. She put together a physical wellness program tailored to our specific and unique needs. It was powerful and motivated us to actually follow it. If you want to get a physical wellness program tailored to your specific and unique needs, we definitely recommend Jamie without equivocation. Braelinn should be proud to have her on staff.